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Swifty is here to change the way you do business travel. She’s an AI personal assistant. We get that organizing a business trip from start to finish may be a frustrating and disjointed affair. That’s why we made Swifty—the best travel companion ever—to make your trip easier in every way. Features and Benefits: Streamlined Travel Booking: Swifty’s AI assistant makes it easy to book flights and accommodations in just a few minutes. Put an end to time-consuming web searches and convoluted booking forms. Swifty is available to assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding your trip and provides personalized assistance. Do you require flight details? Curious about the hotels in the area? If you have a question, just ask Swifty, and she will answer you right away. Swifty manages every aspect of your trip, from creating it to paying for it and sending out invoices. Put an end to the headache of juggling different business travel platforms and tools. Trustworthy Decisions: The innovative artificial intelligence technology known as “Auto-GPT for travel,” which is supported by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, is the engine that drives Swifty. As far as the travel industry is concerned, it is the first AI tool that can consistently operate on your behalf. Notable Accolades: Swifty has received recognition and praise from esteemed publications such as PhocusWire, Tagesschau, Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and many more. Experience the Swifty advantage for yourself and join the ranks of pleased travelers. Swifty simplifies the whole travel process, cutting down on booking and management time from hours to minutes, which is a huge time saver for users. Efficient: Take advantage of the ease of having all your inquiries about travel resolved quickly and precisely. Swifty streamlines your workflow by combining all of your travel-related chores into one chat interface, doing away with the need for different apps and platforms. Trust Swifty’s cutting-edge AI technology to reliably manage all of your travel-related tasks. Get the benefits of an AI helper that has garnered attention from prominent media and travel publications. In a nutshell, Swifty is an AI-powered companion that will make business travel easier for you. Quickly and easily book flights, find the best hotels, and receive answers to all your travel questions with Swifty. You can rely on Swifty to make your business travel efficient, dependable, and personalized. Swifty is the future of online trip booking.

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