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Introducing UseChat, a user-friendly platform that enables you to incorporate a ChatGPT chatbot into your online presence, be it a website, app, or mobile platform. A single click is all it takes for UseChat to scrape your website (up to 10,000 pages supported) and provide a ChatGPT agent with all the necessary information. Features: Powered by ChatGPT: Embrace the power of ChatGPT, a top-tier AI model, to launch a personalized chatbot on your platform. Get People Involved: A chatbot with extensive knowledge of your website and products may respond instantly to consumer inquiries. Websites with thousands of pages won’t be a problem for UseChat’s content ingest engine because it was built to expand and perform quickly. Keep tabs on how users are interacting with your chatbot in real time and review all past chats with ease. Personalized Welcome Message: Make a lasting impression on visitors by customizing your chatbot’s welcome message. You can also customize the prompt to a high degree. Personalize the chatbot’s appearance by changing its theme, colors, and icon to match your brand’s (coming soon). Practical Applications: Encourage user participation and respond quickly to their questions. By automating the support system, you can save both time and resources. To gain more insights and make better improvements, analyze user interactions. If you want a chatbot that is both highly tailored and driven by AI for your website or app, UseChat is the way to go. With UseChat, user engagement is made quick and easy!

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