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The cognitive AI chatbot tool Juji is changing the game for companies when it comes to creating and deploying chatbots powered by AI. Because Juji provides pre-built chatbot templates with sophisticated AI, neither coding nor technical knowledge is required to use it. The education, healthcare, talent management, telehealth, conversational survey, and interview sectors are just a few of the many that can benefit from these templates. Notably, you don’t need to be a coder to construct AI-powered chatbots. Choose from a number of industry-specific pre-built chatbot templates. Empathetic Automation: Conversational bots that possess superior human-level empathy and listening abilities. Build genuine relationships with your audience by encouraging open dialogue. Personalization: Tailor chatbots to match the unique requirements of the company. Guides, case studies, and instructional videos are just some of the resources available in the library. Free up resources by assisting humans with high-touch jobs. Deploy one or many chatbots in the cloud or on-premise for enterprise-scale flexibility. Use Cases: Education: Give students the chance to learn interactively and customize their online education experience. Improving telehealth services and patient engagement with knowledgeable and compassionate chatbots is a top healthcare priority. Recruiting and onboarding new employees are two parts of personnel management that may be simplified. Conversational surveys and interviews can provide richer data because they are interactive. By removing the need for coding, Juji enables organizations to leverage cognitive AI chatbots. This results in improved customer satisfaction and efficiency as well as smooth user experiences.

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