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ToSummary is an advanced tool that facilitates the effortless extraction of text from any webpage or YouTube video. Designed with a clean and user-friendly interface, it optimizes your content collection experience by eliminating the need for manual selection and copying of text. Key Features: Content Extraction from Various Sources: ToSummary makes it simple to extract content from a multitude of sources without the need for manual copying or selecting of text. Clutter-Free Content: Unlike other tools, ToSummary extracts content cleanly, free from any clutter such as ads or other distractions on the webpage. Long Text Management: This tool has the capability to automatically divide long text into smaller, manageable parts that fit within the maximum input limit for ChatGPT, facilitating easy content processing. YouTube Video Subtitle Extraction: ToSummary allows users to extract subtitles from YouTube videos, presenting them in a clean, readable format akin to a normal article. Mobile Optimization: ToSummary operates smoothly on mobile devices, making content extraction an easy task, even on the go. Fast and Reliable: This tool is known for its fast and reliable performance, allowing users to extract content quickly and proceed with their ChatGPT processing without any delay. Benefits: ToSummary provides a streamlined process for content extraction, saving users time and effort. The tool’s ability to cleanly extract content ensures that users only deal with relevant information, free from ads or other distractions. The feature of breaking down long text into manageable parts eliminates the challenge of dealing with content that exceeds the input limit of tools like ChatGPT. Its mobile optimization makes content extraction a seamless experience, irrespective of the device being used.

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